'Working with Henrique was an absolute pleasure. He worked on my project 'After' and further to an initial brief and our meeting, he knew exactly what was required. He asked the right questions - to really get to the heart of the film. And in turn, he poured his heart into the project.

Conceptually, his score worked with and for 'After' and underpinned the emotion and mood that was intended. His interpretation was spot on and really elevated the finished product. He worked efficiently, speedily and provided constant updates. I am really thrilled to have collaborated with Henrique and hope that we work together again- sooner rather than later!


Joey Jameson, Director/Producer - The Engine Room Pictures

“I am extremely happy with the final soundtrack of my film “TWELVE”. Ricky captured the mood, feel and tone of the film perfectly. Ricky has been great to work with. Very professional, positive responsive and an extremely talented composer. I highly recommend him”    


Julian Galea, Director/Producer - Galea Pictures

“It was a pleasure to work with Henrique. Not only did he deliver beautiful piece of music to our contemporary dance work ‘Surface Tension” he also gave a lot for the whole project. Henrique is fully professional, well organised and the effort he puts into his work is simply amazing. Looking forward to work with him again.”

Marttaleena Luukkonen, Professional Dancer

“Working with Henrique has been an amazing journey. The high level of professionalism and dedication he has shown to each project is outstanding. His ability to create beautiful music enriches the filmmaking experience and to see him working is a wonderful story of its own.”

  Merwyn Lim, Director - eyemagination Studios

"Henrique has unlimited ideas in his mind. I still remember the first work he wrote for me in 2007 - “Kaleidoscope, for orchestra and percussion” - it was simply a fresh and exciting musical journey for me. I truly enjoy working and sharing ideas with him and am looking forward to perform my two latest commissioned pieces “Eclipse” and “Flor de Pequi” in my upcoming concerts in China and Australia! "     

Andrew Chan, Percussionist

“Having Henrique as the composer for “Pink Lemonade” was a fantastic experience. He knew exactly what the film needed - one meeting and he was already composing. He was exceptionally professional, providing a finished piece of music in great time. His composition for the animation was an incredible piece of music. It far exceeded my expectations and gave a whole new level of sophistication and emotion to the film. It was truly a pleasure to collaborate with such a talented musician and I look forward to working with him in the future.”     


Tess Boughton, Director - Bear Hands Production

“Henrique and his music made a huge contribution to our work. His score managed to evoke all the emotions our team wanted: the grand awe and wonder as our protagonist first enters the magical universe; the light and adorable theme for the 'Friend' characters; the heartwarming love theme between the main protagonists, and the breathtaking orchestral finale in the lead to the Animation’s stunning conclusion.” “Henrique was also very efficient in communicating and delivering his work to us on time, especially after being given the brief on such a short notice. We were hugely impressed with his ability to improvise the music impromptu and we greatly appreciated how he took the time to understand exactly what we wanted during the spotting session. We will definitely work with him again in the future, as he has shown great talent, passion and professionalism in his work."     

Brian Zou, 3D Artist - Motion Graphic Designer, Fedora Pictures

“Henrique quickly understands what each scene needs and creates music and sound effects that greatly heighten the cinematic experience. I'm very impressed with his work for my short film "Positive" not only because of the quality of the music composition and Sound Effects, but also the efficiency and speed he delivered the final soundtrack. I'm definitely looking forward to working on more projects with him in the near future.”  


Xi Wang, Director - Xi Studios

“Besides being a really professional composer, Henrique has the artistic power to feel the images and to create the right music that has a strong impact. His music dialogues with the image and brings it to a new dimension, capturing its true vibration. It was a pleasure and a magical experience to work with him. I am counting on him for my future projects.”  


Eliana Bantchev, Director/Producer (Paris, France)